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We didn't expect to do
this job either.

So we know a thing or two about
finding the unexpected.

So we know a thing or two about finding the unexpected.

We’ve all had previous lives. At agencies, start-ups, dive bars – you name it. But we all found recruiting. Why? Because it brings together our unique, seemingly random superpowers in a way that no other job can.

Let us put our superpowers to work to for you. Chances are we’ll find the talent you didn’t realize you were looking for.


Dana Siomkos, Founder

Super Power: An obsession with solving the puzzle - and understanding all the pieces.

Why You & Them? Because every industry deserves a fresh take on things.

Who do we have to thank? My mother and a tan, young man at the Deutsch water cooler.

If you had a dollar for every time you said… Take a leap!

Favorite superhero catchphrase: I’m the best there is at what I do - Wolverine.


Kerry Shaw, Head of Recruiting

Super Power: A freaky ability to read minds and divine what people are really dreaming about.

My coworkers find me to be: Inquisitive, hilarious, instinctual and always up for day drinking.

Why You & Them? Because it has given me the opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons - I’ve been on the other side of the fence I know how not to do this job.

What gets you out of bed? My kids. Coffee. Howard Stern.

Favorite song lyrics? Stop your messing around, better think of your future!


Tara Whitla, Director of Operations

Super Power: An innate knack for being calm & grounded.

My coworkers find me to be: Level-headed, sarcastic, supportive, high-energy.

Why You & Them? Combining operations, creativity and helping people is my happy place.

If you had a dollar for every time you said… “Let me get that on The List”

Worst interview question you’ve ever heard? “If you were a color, what color would you be?”

Testimonial 24

I'll keep it short and sweet - Dana and her team are the best.

-Daniel Arenas
Creative Director

Testimonial 23

Having Dana and You & Them in my corner was my secret weapon, freeing me to focus on presenting myself and my capabilities, and not get caught up in the nitty gritty of job searching

-Adrienne Katz
Experiential and Creative Producer

Testimonial 25

Dana had an intuitive understanding of all the creative puzzle pieces that shape my background (which I’d like to add was no easy task..). She was able to connect the dots when I felt like I was only following them and immediately honed in on opportunities that I was excited to pursue.

Courtney Grace Peterson

Testimonial 19

I met Dana when I was considering a significant career transition...Dana accomplished the impossible for me and I cannot put into words just how grateful I am.

- Courtney Grace Peterson

Testimonial 22

There aren't many recruiters I will give my phone number to, Dana is one of them.

-George Crichlow
Strategy Director

Testimonial 21

You & Them will introduce you to companies that you have never heard of and put you in touch with people who you always wanted to meet. 

-George Crichlow
Strategy Director

Testimonial 20

You & Them are not your typical recruiters- they are more of a friend and confidant...If you are looking for help to taking the next step in your career, I highly recommend getting in touch with You & Them first!    

-George Crichlow
Strategy Director

Testimonial 18

    You & Them understand people. They listen intently and look to find strategic and creative homes for people they believe in.      

-George Crichlow
Strategy Director

Testimonial 6

I have had countless interactions with recruiters from both sides of the situational fence. This was different. Dana and the You & Them team immediately felt more like trusted friends than handlers.

-John Kapenga
Associate Creative Director

Testimonial 17

Not only was the interview process easy, she made the offer process seamless as well. After this great experience, I have recommended Kerry to multiple sources and I will continue to do so  

-Meredith Volpe
Senior Project Manager

Testimonial 16

Dana and her team at You & Them are reinventing what it means to be recruiters. They do the hard work of curating clients and specialize in unique opportunities that are hard to come by on your own.

- Andy Hekimian

Testimonial 13

Her approach to get to know me first ensuring she could recommend jobs she thought I would be a good fit for was incredibly helpful - the first interview I went on I fell in love with the company and am now employed there.  

-Benji Kagan
Business Development Manager

Testimonial 15

The best way I can describe Dana’s talent is as if she operates on another frequency — with the insight and direction that took me exactly where I needed to go not only professionally but creatively and personally as well.

- Courtney Grace Peterson

Testimonial 14

Most importantly for me now, the level of creative talent that You & Them represents is extremely high. I fervently recommend these amazing folks for any recruitment needs  

-John Kapenga
Associate Creative Director

Testimonial 12

Dana and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with and a completely different experience from what I've had with other recruiting agencies.

-Adrienne Katz
Experiential and Creative Producer

Testimonial 11

These people listened. Carefully. I looked forward to our check-in calls and always hung up feeling more whole and more resolute.  

-John Kapenga
Associate Creative Director

Testimonial 10

If this was yelp, there would be 5 stars here.

-Afton Aurand
Producer // Project Manager

Testimonial 9

What makes Dana so incredible is not just her mastery of talent placement/recruitment, but her ability to do so with such grace, compassion and wisdom. "

- Courtney Grace Peterson

Testimonial 7

Dana and her team saved us both time and money by sourcing a group of exceptional candidates and helping us find the right fit quickly.  

-Clelia Warburg Peters

Testimonial 5

The team at You & Them are always respectful in their communication, kind, positive and incredibly easy to work with. They are like a true extension of your own talent team and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for new and special talent to join their organization.  

-Nina Amjadi
Partner & Managing Director

Testimonial 4

Whenever a friend says that they feel stuck or that they need a new gig, the first thing out of my mouth is always 'Don't worry...I know exactly who to intro you to'

-Rajiv Lahens

Testimonial 3

We decided to partner with Dana's team (You & Them) in 2015 to find the glowing unicorns of the creative and digital industry. Not an easy task to stow upon anyone but You & Them had no issues taking on the challenge.

-Nina Amjadi
Partner & Managing Director

Testimonial 2

You & Them not only brings us talented people (who are a perfect culture fit for our agency), but also offers strategic advice that is valuable in and of itself.  

- George Eid
Partner & Creative Director

Testimonial 1

Dana (and her team) has an uncanny ability to quickly understand our needs and introduce us to "that one" candidate that we end up hiring.

- George Eid
Partner & Creative Director

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