Project Manager

A born collaborator, connector and coordinator

YOU: Are a compassionate, rigorous, and experienced human resource professional. You help actualize the company mission through the implementation of people practices that meet and go beyond human resources standards and kickstart positive employee experiences from recruitment through onboarding.

THEM: A Brooklyn-based ‘agency’ that focuses solely on user-centered websites and platforms. If you’re in to Flash and/or advertising campaigns, you’ve come to the wrong place. This shop is all about creating modern interactive systems, using an interdisciplinary approach that blends the practices of design, technology and branding.


  • Serve as the internal liaison between Program Director and production team. The first responder for day to day troubleshooting, prioritization and escalation​.
  • Collaborating with project and finance teams for various project needs such as project set-up, retrospectives, travel and expense reporting.
  • Provide ongoing coordination of resources and talent productivity: liaising with producers on a regular basis, ensuring tracking tools are consistently up to date and surfacing potential needs, conflicts or openings. Providing insights and preliminary recommendations for resourcing opportunities based on availability, in consultation with Program Director.
  • Talent community research, outreach and set-up including outbound surveys, job postings, contract drafting, coordination, and invoice monitoring
  • Consolidate all internal, executive communications — e.g. Collating and contextualizing all weekly reports from finance, business development, and production into a single, weekly memo
  • Manage production and operations tools and accounts, including researching new opportunities, to ensure we’re efficiently utilizing our tools to their best capabilities
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting of operational account activities spanning partnerships and program, in collaboration with finance and program teams


  • You’re detail-oriental and enthusiastic about organization ​— you have experience in day to day operations and get excited about tackling your to-do list. You never let anything fall through the cracks, because that would drive you crazy… and you’d find a solution or escalate to others before it did.
  • You’re a tactical problem solver and active listener​— you enjoy collaboration and listen intently to others with a solution-oriented approach in order to then communicate solutions ​effectively so that decisions can be made. You thrive when able to make connections for others that improve their work and inherently yours.
  • You’re an organized thinker and a strong communicator​ — as a born collaborator, connector and project coordinator, you value clear communication, efficiency and productivity above all else. If flexible processes are in place, people are empowered, and priorities are set, you’re confident in the work product. Even under pressure, when you’re running the logistical show, everyone knows it’s going off without a hitch and their respective puzzle pieces fall into place with ease (or at least with a smile!).

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