Head of Strategy

Strategic Game Changer

YOU: You are responsible for leading and cultivating the brands of our diverse clients and our Strategy team. You will help clients understand how to best build their brands through and across a range of outputs.  Competencies include a combination of the following: business strategy, brand valuation, brand strategy, UX strategy, customer experience strategy, mass collaboration strategy and/or consumer journey architecture.

THEM:  A brand consultancy with design in its DNA. Their mission is to help clients create remarkable total brand experiences that are impossible to replicate.


  • Bring a unique, visionary creative point of view and voice to the leadership and community, inside and outside the company.
  • Provide strategic counsel to our clients on the best way to build their brands and businesses

  • Cultivate a company culture that breeds optimism, enthusiasm, trust, collaboration, innovation, and personal growth

  • Grow the consultancy revenue (organically and through new business), as well as the size, scope and diversity of the accounts
  • Uncompromising entrepreneurial spirit understanding the importance and value of people and culture

  • Inspiring, compelling and trusted partner for clients and teams
  • Lead largest, most complex accounts and projects with senior members of design team and other disciplines.

  • Work with executive team and discipline leads to improve company operations and culture

  • Publish thought leadership through various channels 
  • Have a vision for where you want to take the company as well as client’s brands, and execute plans and solutions to get there


  • 10-15+ years relevant experience at an agency, client side or running own business
  • Enthusiasm for design culture and design thinking with expert level understanding of brands and brand strategy
  • Experience managing and mentoring talent; ensure all team members have a development plan in place and are receiving coaching on how to deliver incredible craft at incredible scale
  • Understand how businesses are run and how they can run better

  • Build and maintain c-suite and board-level client relationships

  • A restless thinker with the desire to challenge, surprise, stretch and support everyone around you

  • A history of navigating heavily matrixed corporations (national or international)
  • A proven track record of building brands in some combination of these areas: brand innovation, service design, customer experience consultation, experience design, environment design, digital marketing or digital product design, user experience

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