Board of Connectors

An invite-only, curated group of industry professionals who are successful, well-connected and passionate about the art of introduction.

What Is it?

The You & Them Board of Connectors is a candidate referral collective we’ve curated over the years. It includes some of the most tapped-in and socially-active people in our industry, so you’ll be in good company.


What’s in it for you?

If you have been invited to this page, it’s because you are part of a select group of individuals whom we consider to be a well-connected and trustworthy judge of character, who gets joy out of making fruitful connections. If you introduce us to a candidate who is successfully placed in a new position by You & Them by way of your introduction, we will pay you to thank you for the introduction.


How do I join?

Simply click this link to signup and agree to our Terms & Conditions and you’ll begin receiving our monthly Board of Connectors emails. We look forward to collaborating with you!