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Job of the Week! – June 4th


Entrepreneurial Integrated Marketer Supreme   YOU You are a hustlin’, bustlin’, mover & shaker. You have great taste and think big when it comes to innovative marketing tactics. You set your sights high, so the sky is the limit when you work on a brand with a great reputation and an open mind.   THEM…

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Dana Speaks Up On: Trustworthiness


Interviewing is a lot like dating. Sure, you want to find yourself across the table from someone who’s got a ton going for them, but what’s going to make you text your friend with excitement on your way home is the sense of warmth you picked up on, not the fact the he/she just finished…

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Job of the Week! – May 27th


  Rock star PM who works hard, plays harder   YOU You are a seasoned project manager who keeps the cogs aligned and the wheels turning, the kind of person who could unravel a tangle of string just by staring at it. Like Superman. Ideally, you are a flexible, proactive and solutions oriented person who…

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Job of the Week! – May 20th


Top-Notch UX/UI Team Player   YOU You are a highly motivated, go-getter who is passionate about design, telling product stories, and solving problems for people. You thrive in a start-up environment because it presents diverse challenges that excite you and cultivate your already expert know-how.   THEM Rapidly growing New York based startup looking to…

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Upgrade Me : Freelance to Employee


If you’ve fallen for the company you’re freelancing for, make a game plan to get in with the in-crowd! Read more on how to make your staff dream come true. The article below on transitioning from freelancer to employee was originally published by lifehacker. How to Transition from Freelance Work to a Full Time Position As…

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Escape from NY


The article below was originally published by the NY Times.   Los Angeles and Its Booming Creative Class Lures New Yorkers By Alex Williams It started with Instagram. Or maybe it ended with Instagram. Last fall, Christina Turner, a fashion stylist in Brooklyn, was dreading another New York winter in her cramped, lightless Greenpoint, Brooklyn,…

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Job of the Week! – May 13th


Smart as &%$# and never boring   YOU You are a hungry, hustlin’ go-getter who thinks like an entrepreneur, inspires and mentors young talent, grows business like a farmer grows corn and loves rolling up your sleeves. While you love the truth-telling and the eye-revealing power of research, your main objective is to ensure it’s…

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Dana Speaks Up On: Celebrating Parenthood


Mother’s Day always represents an opportunity for me to reflect on the biggest, hardest, most rewarding job I’ve ever taken on; motherhood. As a member of the working-mom community, I have had countless conversations with my peers about the challenges of juggling both work and family. Oftentimes, us working moms feel like we’re failing at…

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