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Dana Speaks Up On: The Humblebrag


This article was originally published by the Harvard Business Review and goes hand in hand with one we shared a few weeks ago on trustworthiness. The Right Way to Brag About Yourself By Francesca Gino In both our social and professional interactions, we commonly focus on managing the impressions that others form of us, especially when these…

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Job of the Week! – June 25th


Fun yet fastidious Designer   YOU You possess great aesthetic sensibilities and a strong understanding of interaction design, UI/UX, typography and design principles across devices. You are ever-curious and love a good challenge as it always offers opportunity to learn and grow. You are a detail-oriented, perfectionist who’s got that kern on lock.   THEM…

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Dana Speaks Up On: The Radical Unplug


DeSantis’ ‘radical unplug’ is rad, but radical, indeed! And clearly designed for a work-a-holic. While there’s lots to be garnered from his successful experiment, perhaps there are more bite-sized ways to unplug in our day-to-day lives. It’s hard, sometimes seemingly impossible, to turn-off in an always-on, digitally powered, society. But like all aspects of life, it comes down…

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The Four Stages of Life


We loved this article on the four stages of life, by Mark Mason. Where do YOU stand now? How will YOU advance to the next stage? THE FOUR STAGES OF LIFE by Mark Manson Life is a bitch. Then you die. So while staring at my navel the other day, I decided that that bitch happens…

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Job of the Week !- June 18


Biz-generating powerhouse to grow grow grow!   YOU: You are an optimistic, biz-savvy maverick. Entrepreneurial, results-driven and powerful, with a passion for digital technologies. Your motivation, down-to-earth nature, and strategic mind are all the tools you need to create opportunities and relationships.   THEM: They are one of the most exciting companies out there! This…

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Dana Speaks Up On: Trying Something New


I think this is an interesting, albeit logical, piece on how to transition into a new career without taking too great a risk. But I don’t think it works. In my experience, I’ve found that when people try to test the waters of something new, while still holding on to the old, neither will flourish to…

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Note to Self : There's Just Something About Paper


Do you ever find your self battling to get through a long article? It might be because you aren’t flexing your slow read muscle! Listen to the episode below by WNYC’s Note to Self (formerly New Tech City) on how the medium you use when reading affects your understanding and recall. Reading on screens vs.…

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Job of the Week! – June 11th


Meticulous Resource Manager to make social impact   YOU You are a perfectionist. Highly organized, with an analytical mind and keen attention to detail. Master problem solver with solid financial modeling skills, you’re just the person to get the ball rolling and drive momentum.     THEM This revolutionary agency is focused on bringing people…

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