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How To Talk About The Gap In Your Work History


By Jaclyn Westlake – Fairygodboss Whether you’re gearing up for a triumphant return to the workforce or grappling with the best way to explain a recent gap in your employment history, addressing time away from the professional world can be a daunting task. Given that a glaring hole on your resume will likely be a red flag…

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Job of the Week! – Jan 31st


Proactive, methodical and chiller than most YOU: You love and respect beautiful creative work and are passionate about the process of bringing creative ideas to life. Ever proactive, you are constantly finding solutions for problems before they even materialize. Your preparedness and flexibility make you not only effective, but cool-headed throughout the process. THEM: They are a manufacturer and…

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What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do When You’re Waiting to Hear Back About a Job


By Sara McCord   You know that you’re capable of being a top-tier applicant (that’s why you’re here!). You’re the type to take your career ambitions into your own hands—build your network, do your research, rock the interview, and write an awesome thank you note. But then it’s the hiring manager’s turn, and you have to…

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What You Can Realistically Do When Your New Job Catfishes You


By Jaclyn Westlake   You’ve accepted a great new position at a fantastic company and can’t wait to get started. But, when you arrive for your first day, you discover that the amazing job you’d interviewed for is nothing like what you’re facing now that you’ve actually been hired. You’ve been catfished. For anyone who…

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Job of the Week! – Jan 24th


Game-changing Seasoned Strategist    YOU: You are a whip-smart and well-seasoned Strategist with fresh ideas that stretch the minds of your audience, consistently taking them past the limits of what they thought possible.   THEM: They are a young but top-of-the-game digital agency that combines PR, advertising and social marketing with fresh ideas that connect, engage and influence.…

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How To Deliver Your Presentation In Half The Time You’d Allotted


By Anett Grant It’s the day of your big presentation. You’ve spent the last few weeks fine-tuning every detail. You rehearsed last night, and you were flawless. You’ve never felt more prepared. But then you hear something that makes your stomach drop: “Sorry, but we’re going to need you to keep this to 10 minutes.”…

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The Best Thing You Can Do for Yourself When You’re Stressed


By Abby Wolfe One of my responsibilities at work is managing 15 students who serve as peer health educators. When I ask how they’re doing, they ramble off the multitude of activities they’re involved in, the exams they’re studying for, the projects that’re due, the causes they’re advocating for, and, well, the list could go…

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Job of the Week! – Jan 17th


Conceptual thinker and hands-on problem-solver.   YOU: You are a skilled designer and conceptual thinker, driven by quality experiences and inspired by visuals. Your passions lie in creating top-notch executions no matter the medium.   THEM: They are a young but top-of-the-game digital agency that combines PR, advertising and social marketing with fresh ideas that connect, engage and influence.…

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What You Must Do the Night Before Starting a New Job


By Erin Greenawald   Remember the night before the first day of school when you were growing up? You had your outfit all picked out, your backpack packed and put by the door, the locations of your classrooms and names of your teachers meticulously written inside a planner. Or was that just me? In any case,…

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How to Ask for Help at a New Job


By Sara McCord   The good news is that you landed a fantastic new job. You’re excited about the company and the work you’re doing, and this position is a huge step forward in your career. The bad news is that this “huge step” is more like a seismic leap: You convinced the hiring managers that you…

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