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11 Habits of Genuinely Likable People


By Jeff Haden   There’s a formula to making a great first impression: Smile, make eye contact, be engaging. But first impressions can also quickly lose their impact, especially when there’s no substance beneath the surface glow. Being genuinely likable over the long haul is tougher. Building and maintaining great relationships, consistently influencing others in a good way and making…

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How to Tell Your Story


By Matt McCue   The first serious story I ever wrote was to impress a girl. We met one summer during college in a small town with a big lake. Over the course of our weeks together, she taught me how to sail. I bought her bags of gummy bears at the old-timey candy store on…

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Job of the Week! – Oct 4th


Swaggy, Magnetic Account Director   YOU:  You have a global personality and a passion for streetwear and music. Dynamic, Nimble, Self Motivated are just a few of your best traits. You are Cool as a cuke from your calm head to your Stan Smiths. A little ambiguity never scared you.   THEM: They are an integrated creative…

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What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do When You’re Waiting to Hear Back About a Job


By Sara McCord You know that you’re capable of being a top-tier applicant (that’s why you’re here!). You’re the type to take your career ambitions into your own hands—build your network, do your research, rock the interview, and write an awesome thank you note. But then it’s the hiring manager’s turn, and you have to shift…

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Be an Entertainer on Your Next Job Interview


By Jennifer Magliano Entertainers have a lot to teach us about grace under pressure. They audition, they perform before discerning audiences, and their work will be recorded—and critiqued again and again—for years to come. As Jerry Seinfeld once claimed, “No one is more judged in civilized society than a comedian. Every twelve seconds you’re rated.”…

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Job of the Week! – Sep 27th


Digital Mastermind to lead and inspire   YOU: You are an energetic and sharp-as-a-tack strategist, fluent in the digital and social story formats of today, and curious for the ones to come tomorrow. Affable and adaptable, you are a collaborative team player who can rally across functions to shape and share concepts, approaches, and tactics.   THEM: They…

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3 Scientific Ways to Recover From a Setback


To paraphrase Mark Twain, good judgement comes from experience, but experience comes from bad judgment. Mistakes enable growth. Setbacks are a given, but that you will handle them well is not. Do you let the problem paralyze you, or do you use it as learning experience? There are coping mechanisms and mental approaches that are…

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3 Effective Ways to Create Boundaries at Work Without Being Rude


By Stacey Lastoe   Ever feel stretched too thin? Like everyone wants a piece of your time, and because you want to be a team player, you find yourself saying yes, embracing the conversation, accepting the email intro, attending the meeting, and chiming into the discussion. It’s a tough spot to be in, but if…

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Job of the Week ! – September 20th


Conceptual, Go-Get-‘Em Visual Designer   YOU: You are a talented designer and conceptual thinker. You see the digital-scape as a canvas to help expand the reach of an organization’s identity. Branded elements are your jam, because you value creating an immersive and stunning experience.   THEM: They are a Brooklyn-based creative agency that supports nonprofits by creating tailored and impactful websites that help those organizations…

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3 Ways to Recharge When You Can’t Just “Take a Vacation”


By Kat Boogaard   You’re burnt out. Every day you sit down at your desk with an overwhelming sense of dread and exhaustion. You’re barely treading water, and you just can’t shake the feeling that the monotony and stress is about to swallow you whole. “You need a vacation!” people tell you, as if you didn’t already…

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