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Don't be a Jerk! Speak up!


Holding back constructive negative feedback can not only hinder a colleague and their output, it can go even further and hurt your team and the work you produce. If you’re feeling like it’s difficult to speak up and give negative feedback, you might want to reevaluate your approach. The article below, originally published by gives great…

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Job of the Week! – April 16th


Innovative Designer looking for a challenge YOU You are a Designer with a passion for narrative. A visionary with an eye for design, a mind for strategy and a way with words, you bring a lot to the table, including a big appetite for creative challenges. THEM This content studio specializes in progressive storytelling for…

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Well Connected; Blessing or Curse?


Completely unplugging on nights and weekends may be unrealistic for some, but if you must check your email, find a happy compromise by establishing a set time-frame to plug back in…and then plug back out! This designated period will allow you to focus and address any urgent matters without hijacking your personal life and disrupting…

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Job of the Week! – April 8th


A Rock star Project Manager who works hard and plays harder. YOU You are a seasoned project manager who keeps the cogs aligned and the wheels turning, the kind of person who could unravel a tangle of string just by staring at it. Like Superman. Ideally, you are a flexible, proactive and solutions oriented person who…

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Job of the Week! – March 31st


A Research Director who is smart as &%$#,  never boring and who can take information and turn it into action. YOU You are a hungry, hustlin’ go-getter who thinks like an entrepreneur, inspires and mentors young talent, grows business like a farmer grows corn and loves rolling up your sleeves. While you love the truth-telling…

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Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Get in Trouble Too

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How Games Like Angry Birds Are Improving the Recruiting Process


Some companies are using surveys or brain games to measure factors like intelligence and personality traits to assess how individual candidates work. These tests can help surface talents that recruiters might otherwise overlook, increase productivity and reduce turnover. This article was originally published by NPR, see the original article below. The job interview hasn’t changed much over…

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