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Job of the Week! – July 8th


Proactive, methodical and chiller than most   YOU You love and respect beautiful creative work and are passionate about the process of bringing creative ideas to life. Ever proactive, you are constantly finding solutions for problems before they even materialize. Your business savvy, preparedness, and flexibility make you not only invaluable, but cool-headed throughout the…

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Daily Dose of PMA


The You & Them Team has been experimenting with meditation recently, and when we came across this article published by The Washington Post, we knew we needed to share it with our audience. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, we’re sure you can find a way to set aside 2 minutes for a little…

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Happy Independence Day!


Wishing you all a Happy Fourth and a lovely holiday weekend!

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Beautiful Minds


We are moved and inspired by our partner BBH, a world-renowned creative agency made up of people who are unwaveringly “good and nice,” in their words. In 2013, BBH New York lost one of their dearest friends and Strategy Directors to mesothelioma. Griffin Farley dedicated much of his time to mentoring and helping young planners…

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Unconscious Bias: Driving Gender Inequality


We recently came across this great article by The New Republic that addresses unconscious gender bias in the workplace via trans individuals’ first hand experience through gender transition. Unconscious biases are prejudices and preferences one doesn’t realize they hold, and these subjective feelings easily trump objective factors due to the very fact that the possessor is blind to…

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Job of the Week! – July 1st


Front-end Developer with a tight design aesthetic   YOU  You have a keen eye for design and the finer details. You strive for an elegant grid system, excellent performance and understand how your code is handled by the browser. You write clean and extendable code and are interested in working on a variety of diverse…

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Why Not You?


We found this article on Business Insider and all agreed – it’s one to share! Everyone faces challenges that test their perseverance and PMA. But what if instead of asking, “why me?” as if the universe never throws curveballs, we reframe the situation and ask “why not me?” and “why won’t this hurdle trip me up?”  …

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Dana Speaks Up On: The Humblebrag


This article was originally published by the Harvard Business Review and goes hand in hand with one we shared a few weeks ago on trustworthiness. The Right Way to Brag About Yourself By Francesca Gino In both our social and professional interactions, we commonly focus on managing the impressions that others form of us, especially when these…

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Job of the Week! – June 25th


Fun yet fastidious Designer   YOU You possess great aesthetic sensibilities and a strong understanding of interaction design, UI/UX, typography and design principles across devices. You are ever-curious and love a good challenge as it always offers opportunity to learn and grow. You are a detail-oriented, perfectionist who’s got that kern on lock.   THEM…

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Dana Speaks Up On: The Radical Unplug


DeSantis’ ‘radical unplug’ is rad, but radical, indeed! And clearly designed for a work-a-holic. While there’s lots to be garnered from his successful experiment, perhaps there are more bite-sized ways to unplug in our day-to-day lives. It’s hard, sometimes seemingly impossible, to turn-off in an always-on, digitally powered, society. But like all aspects of life, it comes down…

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