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5 Ways To Power Through The Post-Vacation Work Pile by Matt Straz Just yesterday, you were combing through the South Beach sands, seconds away from the blue ocean, at the vacation of a lifetime. And…we’re back. You refresh your inbox and cringe as the flood of new messages rolls in.   Vacations are a great…

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Use Your Voice


The Science of Sounding Smart by Juliana Schroeder and Nicholas Epley   When you’re trying to convey the quality of your mind to your boss, or to a company that’s considering you for a job, your best ally may be your own voice. Although some people may assume that their ideas and intellect would come across much better…

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Job of the Week! – October 7th


Hybrid Head of Production who can own it! YOU: You are a seasoned producer with digital/interactive experience, looking to take the next step. A charismatic and confident leader, you are a comfort and an inspiration to your team as well as a client management champion. You have a keen eye for stellar creative work, and a…

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Most People Have No Idea Whether They’re Paid Fairly by Dave Smith Managers know that engaged employees are more effective. But despite the vast amount of employee engagement research out there, very little of it focuses on a person’s primary reason for employment in the first place: getting paid. PayScale, the compensation software company where I work, surveyed 71,000 employees…

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Can handwriting sharpen your mind?


The earliest forms of writing date from approximately 6,000 years ago. Throughout our history, written communication has played a central role in the dissemination of culture and concepts. Our social brain has fine-tuned this motor skill to be much more than a simple hand gesture. Yet in the past two decades, we’ve seen a tremendous…

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Job of the Week! – September 30th


Fireball Product Manager to grow startup   YOU In one word, you are a hustler. Always one to lead by example, you set high standards for yourself and your team. Your experience has made you a confident leader in thought, creativity and culture and you have the agile mind and varied skill set needed to…

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A Note From Erin: The Resume


The resume is dead? Well, sort of. If you’ve been interviewing or dusting off that document and infusing it with new found competitive edge, you may find yourself saying, “hell-to-the-no.” And we would tend to agree, as a majority of our clients in leading agencies, consultancies, start-ups and Fortune 500 businesses still like to see…

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5 Values Critical to a Healthy Company Culture


Burnout Isn’t Exclusive to Amazon. Here Are the Values You Need. by Matt Straz Now that the fiery reaction towards Amazon’s working culture has tamed—at least just a bit—it’s time we turn inward for a little bit of self-reflection. Why did the controversy over Bezos and his company grab our collective attention so tightly, when…

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QUIZ: Is Your Company Left-Brained or Right-Brained? by Ben Mueller A company culture will always be a sum of its parts—that is, the sum of all the unique, vibrant, and innovative people that make the place hum. But, if your organization were a giant brain, how do you think its thought patterns would shake down? Look at company culture from a whole new angle in Namely’s latest quiz!…

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Job of the Week! – September 23rd


Cool, confident, coding wizard   YOU You live for code and love to collaborate.Your code is well-structured and so fresh and so clean clean! You are excited to be the beating heart of the creative process as you have a deep appreciate for usability and interaction design. A maverick like you likely has a wild…

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