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Job of the Week! – October 28th


Marketing MVP to lead team to victory   YOU: You are an experienced marketing maven, a confident leader and inspiring motivator. Your creative talents and strategic mind are just what this start-up needs to bring the nationwide team together. You provide leadership and support wherever needed – essentially you’re the glue that fills any gaps between…

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Rejection: Fuel For Your Creative Fire?


How Rejection Breeds Creativity by David Burkus In 2006, Stefani Germanotta had hit a turning point in her career. She had quit a rigorous musical theatre program at an elite college to focus on her musical passion and, after a year of hard work and little income, had signed a deal with Def Jam records. …

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Why Are We so Distracted All the Time?


by Oliver Burkeman If your work depends on finding undisturbed time for deep focus and creative thinking, you know all about the modern curse of distraction. (If you’re never distracted, you’re probably a robot. Oh, and I hate you.) What you may not realize is that most of us misunderstand what distraction really is –…

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Job of the Week! – October 21st


Digital whiz + Biz Dev powerhouse   YOU: You are a winsome Business Development Manager with extensive digital product experience and the charisma and experience to identify and establish strategic relationships with clients.   THEM: A Brooklyn-based ‘agency’ that focuses solely on user-centered websites and platforms. If you’re into Flash and/or advertising campaigns, you’ve come to the…

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The Key to Getting Motivated: Give Up


by Oliver Burkeman   Featured image by Fe RIbiero Illustration in body by Oscar Ramos Orozco No matter how fulfilling your work, there’ll be days when you just can’t summon any enthusiasm for it. What makes the experience of undermotivation especially frustrating is that the solution seems as if it ought to be obvious: what…

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Nobody Cares How Hard You Work


by Oliver Burkeman As you sink into the couch, or slide onto the barstool, at the end of an exhausting workday, it’s hard not to experience the warm glow of self-congratulation. After all, you put in the hours, cranked through the to-do list; you invested the effort, and got things done. Surely you’re entitled to…

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How Is That Life Investment Going?


What are you investing in? We’re not asking about your finances, we’re asking about your LIFE.What do you invest your time and energy in? Everyone has her or his own unique answers, and our hope is that the career you invest yourself in has an ROI that energizes you right back. If that’s not the case, and you or…

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Job of the Week! – October 14th


Experienced Social Strategist with swagger YOU: You are a forward-thinking creative strategist who communicates flawlessly and inspires creativity. Your keen insight and extensive experience managing multiple social platform strategies will help elevate your team to the highest level. THEM: They are a global luxury jewelry and specialty brand that has distinguished itself as an arbiter of taste…

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5 Ways To Power Through The Post-Vacation Work Pile by Matt Straz Just yesterday, you were combing through the South Beach sands, seconds away from the blue ocean, at the vacation of a lifetime. And…we’re back. You refresh your inbox and cringe as the flood of new messages rolls in.   Vacations are a great…

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Use Your Voice


The Science of Sounding Smart by Juliana Schroeder and Nicholas Epley   When you’re trying to convey the quality of your mind to your boss, or to a company that’s considering you for a job, your best ally may be your own voice. Although some people may assume that their ideas and intellect would come across much better…

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