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Job of the Week! – September 2nd


AM with all bases covered and is in it to win it!   YOU You are a born leader, someone with the tenacity, resourcefulness, business sense, curiosity, emotional intelligence and cool-headedness to behave like the leader of his or her account, brand or project. The account person is the only person in the agency who…

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Six Months, 200 Applications, No Interviews: What Now?


We saw this piece published by Forbes and wanted to spread the word- Recruiters are here to help both candidates and companies! Dear Liz, I got laid off in December which was not the best timing because of the holidays, but I dug into my job search seriously in January. Since then I’ve filled out over…

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Happiness Isn’t the Absence of Negative Feelings


By Jennifer Moss Happiness feels intolerably elusive for many of us. Like fog, you can see it from afar, dense and full of shape. But upon approach, its particles loosen and suddenly it becomes out of reach, even though it’s all around you. We put so much emphasis on the pursuit of happiness, but if you…

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Job of the Week! – August 26th


Integrated Brand Strategist   YOU A progressive sharp creative thinker who has experience working extensively on integrated brand campaigns and maaaaybe a little booze and/or CPG experience.   THEM A global integrated creative agency with a self-starter entrepreneurial spirit and a lot of awards. Because global digital domination, baby.   Need to know more? Peep…

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5 Traits of Creative Leaders (and How to Become One)


Becoming a leader takes courage as well as creativity. And creativity takes practice. By Erik Wahl Being a leader is difficult. That’s why most of us end up taking direction from others in our professional lives. But the ranks of the self-employed are swelling, hinting that more people are getting comfortable taking the reins in their…

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Just Breathe


THIS BREATHING EXERCISE CAN HELP YOU STAY FOCUSED AT WORK THINK YOU KNOW HOW TO BREATHE? THINK AGAIN. HERE’S A METHOD TO HELP YOU KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.  By Chris Bareez-Brown What if there were something you could do right this minute to improve how engaged, productive, and creative you are at work? As…

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Job of the Week! – August 19th


Strategic Account Leader passionate about design   YOU You are a charismatic mover and shaker with an enthusiasm for brands, design culture and thinking. Your EQ is as strong as your IQ and clients love the way you’re always thinking about the strategic opportunities of their business.   THEM A brand consultancy with design in…

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Hiring for Potential


Our team spent the majority of last week touching base and meeting face to to face with all our lovely clients, and the topic of experimental hiring seemed to constantly hover just below the surface.  The thought of hiring someone for what they can become under your mentorship and what they can continue to bring to…

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Invest Your Time In These 13 Things


We recently came up on this article shared by Levo that lists 13 things to invest time on in your 20’s, and thought – why stop at your 20’s? Yes, you should make the most of your “extra” time and freedom from commitments when you’re young , but majority of the items on this list are things you should always…

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Job of the Week! – August 12th


Digital Account Director   YOU Seasoned Account Director who gets a bit of a rush leading clients through unchartered digital waters to help them work towards a holistic digital brand experience.   THEM A global integrated creative agency with a self-starter entrepreneurial spirit and a lot of awards. Because global digital domination, baby.   Need…

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