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Job of the Week! – Nov 1st


Well connected PR pro to raise the profile of a small kick-butt studio. YOU:  You are a well-connected PR mastermind with a creative flare that can help shine the spotlight on a top-notch innovative studio. Working in both a strategic and executional capacity, you know just the moves to make to catapult your team to the top…

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Five Daily Habits For Future-Proofing Your Brain


By Tara Swart Just a few generations ago, most people weren’t expected to live much past 50. But now most of us can expect to live well into our 70s and beyond. A longer life, however, means that we’re working our brains harder as we age. In an aging population, health services worldwide will face…

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LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Billionaire Jack Ma, and This Famous Brain Surgeon Agree: You Will Need This 1 Rare Skill to Be Successful


By Marcel Schwantes World-renowned neurosurgeon James Doty, author of the New York Times best seller Into the Magic Shop, has a compelling story that credits mindfulness and visualization as important first steps that turned a life of poverty into one of success and wealth. Now director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University, Doty’s…

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Job of the Week! – Oct 25th


Strategic thinker, mover n’ shaker to get the job done.   YOU: You are a rough ‘n tumble leader. From kick off to final delivery, you ensure projects are sailing smoothly, on time, on-budget, and the work is something you’re proud to put your name on.   THEM: A NY-based design and innovation firm that centers on creating a…

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4 Irrational Thoughts You’ll Have When Your Co-worker Becomes Your Boss


By Kat Boogaard Meet Jamie. Jamie really loves her job. The work is rewarding, the perks can’t be beat, and she shares tight bonds with her team members—particularly with Kate, a colleague who Jamie has worked closely with for the past year and a half. Then one day, seemingly totally out of the blue, a…

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This Is When It’s OK to Ask for a Title Change in Your Current Role


By Alyse Kalish Most of us care about our job title—not only because it’s something we want to be proud of, but because it’s a literal reflection of our brand and expertise in our field. It’s what appears on our business cards, at the bottom of our emails, in our LinkedIn profile and resume, and even on…

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Job of the Week! – Oct 18th


Strategic thinker with a great eye and exceptional craftsmanship   YOU:  You are a Best-in-Show Designer with an eclectic portfolio of high quality, strategically driven work, including strong samples of brand identity, visual systems, digital product UI. You have a knack for distilling complex messages into compelling visual narratives. This combined with your keen eye for typography,…

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An Easy-to-Use Template for Creating the Perfect PowerPoint Presentation


By Alyse Kalish   You’re full of great ideas, and finally it’s your chance to share them with your team, or your boss, or even in an interview. So, you lug out your computer, gather your notes, and create a PowerPoint presentation—from scratch. Bleh. OK, maybe you don’t have that reaction. Maybe you’re the creative type…

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Changing Careers Is Scary, But This Advice Will Get You Past the Fear


By Scott Anthony Barlow If thinking about changing careers makes you feel paralyzed and overwhelmed with self-doubt, you’re not alone. Making a transition is undeniably scary, disruptive, and difficult. Research on stress shows that the brain biologically perceives changing jobs as one of a category of life changes that pose a threat to its survival.…

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Job of the Week! – Oct 11th


YOU: You have proven the ability to inspire internal teams and clients to push the boundaries of what they thought was possible. A strategic and creative thinker with experience and passion for developing and expressing new ideas and opportunities, you are self-propelled by a relentless curiosity and are resourceful in scouring the world for insight.  …

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