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The Checklist You Need to Run Through Right After Your Interview


By Richard Moy   I get excited every time I find out that a friend just left an interview feeling good about their chances of landing the gig. Because of my recruiting background, one of the first questions I get asked is, “What do I do next?” And the more I’ve been asked about it,…

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4 Ways to Interrupt Someone (Politely)


By Kat Boogaard   You shouldn’t interrupt. Yes, from an early age, you’re reminded that cutting people off when they’re speaking is rude. But, let’s face it—there are times when you need to stop someone mid-sentence. Maybe he keeps citing an incorrect fact or statistic that you think needs to be remedied immediately. Or, perhaps you have a…

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Job of the Week! – Sep 6th


Master Organizer and Inspirational Sage   YOU: You’re an excellent communicator and proactive, big-picture thinker. With a mind like an iron trap for attention to detail, you ensure that nothing goes unchecked and everything is running smoothly and efficiently. You have a keen understanding of and advocate for creative excellence. Your astute observations and ability to…

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4 Questions to Ask Your First Week to Make Your Co-workers Love You


By Kat Boogaard   Starting a new job can feel a lot like your first day of high school. Sure, you have those more adult concerns of wanting to prove your worth and demonstrate that you’ll be able to excel in that new position. But, more often than not, your biggest worry is this: Will everybody like…

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How To Turn Your Crappy Network Into A Better One


By Rich Bellis “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” You’ve heard that trite career adage before, and probably rolled your eyes because you don’t know anyone who’s well-connected enough in your field to hook you up with that dream job. But while nepotism is real and elite institutions do open more doors, you might not be…

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Job of the Week ! – Aug 30th


Cool-as-a-Cuke Project Manager   YOU:   As an Integrated Project Manager, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of workload and deliverables of multiple creative projects, working closely with the account and creative teams to ensure all materials are delivered on time.  You will work to define project requirements and set weekly and monthly goals to ensure successful…

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Asking This One Question Helps Me Feel Like I Have More Hours in the Day


By Kat Boogaard   Like pretty much everybody, I often find myself whining that there just aren’t enough hours in any given day. Every morning, I’ll sit down at my computer, take one quick glance at the to-do list that stretches out in front of me, and quickly find myself met with that feeling of…

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How to Actually Handle Q&A Sessions After a Presentation Like a Pro


By Kindra Hall   It was one of my first presentations and though it wasn’t my best, it wasn’t horrible. That is until they opened it up for questions. Though it only lasted about 10 minutes, that single Q&A session took 10 years off my life. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. I walked out of that presentation…

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Job of the Week! – August 23rd


Innovative Thinker and Visual Master   YOU:   You are an Art Director with a passion for narrative. A visionary with an eye for design, a mind for strategy and a way with words, you bring a lot to the table, including a big appetite for creative challenges.   THEM: This agency believes cultural experiences and values are…

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The Email You Need to Send Your Boss if She Doesn’t Respect Your Time Off


By Kat Boogaard I sat with my head propped up in my hand at one of those cramped hotel computer desks, listening to my boss ramble endlessly on the other end of the phone about something she needed—yet was apparently unable to locate herself. My family stood eagerly by the hotel room door, trying their…

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