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Job of the Week! – March 21st


Visionary with killer brand sense and design aesthetic    YOU: You are a conceptual thinker with strong design chops and a powerful POV. You have a sixth sense – a brand sense. Whether its packaging, brand storytelling, social media, websites, or print collateral, you have a clear vision of the final high-quality product and how to…

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3 Signs You’re Overthinking a Decision (and Missing Out on an Awesome Opportunity)


By Christie Mims   You spend the last few months of 2017 saying, “Next year will be different.” And now it’s next year and you can’t really say that anything’s changed. You know what you want—it’s just that the closer you get to going after it, the more unsure you are. You’re not alone in…

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The 3 Biggest Secrets to Staying Productive Without Risking Burnout


By Quora   What are some ways you stay focused and productive without getting burnt out? originally appeared on Quora – the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Answer by Nela Canovic, growth mindset hacker and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, onQuora: Make smart choices about how you spend your day, from…

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Job of the Week! – March 14th


Innovative, savvy marketing manager to redefine the customer experience   YOU: You are a creative thinker who is highly passionate about creating customer-focused experiences, and would like to put your super powers to work to develop and drive the strategic direction and evolution of loyalty and subscription programs.   THEM: They are a start-up disrupting the fashion industry by…

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The Trick That Ensures You’ll Never Leave Another Meeting Not Knowing What to Do Next


By Regina Duffey Moravek   You’ve just finished a meeting and you’ve been assigned a specific set of tasks as a result. Before you close your laptop and grab a snack, what will you do with your notes? Your thoughts and ideas? Your to-dos? If you’re like me, you’ll want to take advantage of the…

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6 Things Smart People Do to Have Really Interesting Conversations


By Marcel Schwantes   Next time you go to a traditional ‘networking’ event, a cocktail party or dinner, do us all a favor: lose the elevator pitch. That approach is quickly losing relevancy in making authentic connections that could open up doors for you. Instead, your first order of priority is to take the attention off of yourself and put it squarely…

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Job of the Week! – March 7th


Confident Leader and Big-Picture Thinker to shape and influence YOU: You are fascinated by uncovering consumer insights and delivering innovative brand marketing campaigns. Proactive, dynamic and highly-adaptable, you are excited about fast-paced environments, especially ones that disrupt norms.   THEM: They are a start-up disrupting the fashion industry by removing the dividing line of size that had previously determined who had the…

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The Trick to Saying No to Your Boss (Without Looking Lazy)


By Abby Wolfe   In our weekly one-on-one a little over a year ago, my boss told me that, recently, she’d noticed I’d been saying “no” a lot when she asked me to do something. I was embarrassed. I wanted to be known as a team player, not a naysayer. But, as many of us are…

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The Stupid Easy Change That Made Me Ask Better Questions (and Led to Better Answers)


By Kat Boogaard During an average workday, I ask a lot of questions. I mean a lot. I’ll be the first to admit that there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. However, recently I had a somewhat brutal “aha!” moment: I’m really not that great at asking questions. What do I mean? Here’s what my typical question…

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Job of the Week! – Feb 28th


On-top-of-it Bookkeeper with a passion for fine art YOU: You are smart, experienced and detail-oriented bookkeeper with a mind for numbers and a passion for art. THEM: They are a non-profit Artist Foundation that is dedicated to collecting, exhibiting, preserving, and interpreting the art and archives of a renowned artist. Want to know more? Check out the full listing…

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