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10 Things Successful People Do to Solve Their Daily Problems


By Marcel Schwantes I’m a big fan of the positive psychology movement, which has gifted us with profound research on producing happiness, optimism, and creativity in the workplace. While current iconic figures from science and academia are moving positive psychology into the mainstream (think Shawn Achor, Martin Seligman, and Richard Davidson, to name a few), another…

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Job of the Week! – May 3rd


Passionate storyteller and collaborative team player   YOU: You are a storyteller who enjoys crafting a distinct, integrated narrative that gives life to a brand and really makes an impact.    THEM: Rapidly growing New York based startup looking to expand its reach and develop as a national brand. This highly technology-driven Co. is focused on empowering…

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7 Perfect Replies to (Politely) Shut Down Negative People


Up until very recently, I’ve had two techniques for dealing with negative co-workers and colleagues. Full disclosure: Neither of them ever worked. First, I tried avoiding negative people. I was never rude, but if someone was always venting, I wouldn’t engage in conversations with him or her. This strategy led me to miss out on…

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20 Simple Daily Routines These Execs Say Got Them Where They Are Today


By Christina DesMarais The recipe for success in life really isn’t hard to fathom. Advice from high-achieving founders and executives is consistent: Getting ahead in life involves hard work and perseverance, as well as a willingness to take risks and learn from failure. A steady dose of discipline doesn’t hurt, either. Take it from these executives,…

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Job of the Week! – April 26th


Super PM for a cause    YOU: You are a creative thinker and problem solver with an appreciation for design and the creative process. Your output isn’t the creative itself, but your confidence in its process ensures the success of the makers you partner with.   THEM: This revolutionary agency is focused on bringing people together to enact…

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A Surefire Way to Stop Yourself From Thinking About That Awkward Conversation


Nothing quite bums you out like being a part of a cringe-worthy interaction—at a networking event, in a meeting with a new client, or worse, during an interview at your dream job. And nothing makes it more unnerving than replaying it over and over in your head after the fact. I’d say the solution is…

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A few quick tips if you’re panicking


By Polly Campbell The gown gaped, exposing my spine as I sat there on the papery end of the exam table waiting for the oncologist. I was spackled in goosebumps and my emotions were wild and wavering between anger over the inconvenience—the doctor was an hour late… would my babysitter stay?—and the fear that I was…

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Job of the Week! – April 19th


Hands on, driver of design solutions   YOU: You  are a thoughtful, systematic thinker with great aesthetic sensibilities and a strong understanding of interaction design, UI/UX. Ever-curious, you think in terms of hypotheses, tests and data to help inform your decision making. You are a highly organized perfectionist, yet you can nimbly shift platforms and media…

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5 Questions That’ll Help You Pinpoint Why You’re Unhappy at Work


We’re all on an endless quest for happiness, aren’t we? And there are certainly career benefits to pursuing this endeavor. Harvard Business Review reports that happy people are 31% more productive, have 37% higher sales, and are three times more creative than their peers. There are countless habits and hacks that can help, including exercise,…

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The 3 most common mistakes we make when dealing with anxiety


By Jennifer Rollin Anxiety is a normal and useful emotion. No, really: the experience of anxiety was evolutionarily advantageous, as it helped to ensure our survival as a species. So, for example, if a buffalo was charging at our ancestors, it was their feeling of anxiety that urged them to run. Feeling anxiety enables us to…

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