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The Realistic Way to Bounce Back When You’re Passed Over for a Promotion


By Rachel Bitte Being passed over for a promotion that you really wanted stings. Your first reaction may be to hit the job boards and start shooting your resume over to friends, hatching a plan to get out of there as soon as you can. But just because you suffered this (major) setback doesn’t mean you need…

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Keep Hustling: 5 Ways to Get the Career Growth You Need


By Elizabeth Wellington   In this competitive job market, one way to differentiate yourself is to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. You can take professional development classes, work on extra projects, and attend networking events. But, how do you make sure you’re growing in a way that builds into a meaningful career…

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Job of the Week! – May 30th


Creative, people-centric, content creation guru   YOU: You are a proactive problem-solver with a love for creative work and making things happen. You have a passion to learn, a love for creation and a ger-‘er-done spirit. You’re the MVP in taking a pitch project from concept to a living activation. You GO Glenn Coco!   THEM: They are…

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5 Career Lessons You’re Never Too Old to Learn, According to 5 Real Stories


  By Abby Wolfe Here at The Muse, we love giving you advice (could you tell?). But if there’s one thing we love about our career story features, it’s that they provide uswith some invaluable lessons, too. If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated, if you want to try something new but you’re scared, or, heck, if you just really…

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How to Be a Hardworking Employee Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life


By Abby Wolfe Let’s be real for a second. These days, many of us live in a world of excess, where more is definitely better. We heap our plates full with seconds when we’re already full, overstuff a drawer with t-shirts we’ll never wear again, and ensure that we own at least 20 mugs. (I know, I…

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Job of the Week! – May 23rd


Bold and Fearless leader with in-depth knowledge of the merchandising landscape   YOU: You are a creative thinker who is highly passionate about creating customer-focused experiences and would like to put your superpowers to work to develop and drive the strategic direction and evolution of loyalty and subscription programs.   THEM: They are a start-up disrupting the fashion industry by removing…

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The Classic Career Advice You Shouldn’t Forget, According to Oprah


By Alyse Kalish Oprah threw out some serious wisdom to the 2018 class at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism’s recent commencement ceremony. She started off her address to the world’s future writers, journalists, reporters, and speakers with the bad news: A lot’s going on in the world, and it’s not all great. The good news, she…

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How To Job Hunt — & Combat Bias — While Pregnant


By Judith Ohikuare The interview part of the hiring process is pretty much the honeymoon phase of looking for a new job: Both employer and job applicant are usually on their best behavior, with each side glossing over the personal or organizational quirks that might be unappealing at first blush. For those looking for a new…

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Job of the Week! – May 16th


Solutions-oriented, Visionary Creative   YOU: You are driven by quality experiences and inspired by design. Your passions lie in quality executions no matter the medium. You are a visual thinker that solves problems with both your hands on skills and outside-the-box ideas.   THEM: They are a young but top-of-the-game digital agency that combines PR, advertising and…

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4 Surprising Interview Questions That Will Help You Identify Who’s Really Being Authentic


By Michelle Cheng   Entrepreneur and graphic designer Tina Roth Eisenberg is a big believer in not separating who you are at work from you are outside the office. Her own career reflects the fact that when you let the personal and the professional intermingle, sometimes the best ideas are born. After moving to New York City from Switzerland…

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