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3 Signs You’re Overthinking a Decision (and Missing Out on an Awesome Opportunity)


By Christie Mims You spend the last few months of 2017 saying, “Next year will be different.” And now it’s next year and you can’t really say that anything’s changed. You know what you want—it’s just that the closer you get to going after it, the more unsure you are. You’re not alone in this…

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Job of the Week! – April 11th


Fearless, driven Creative with a passion for fitness   YOU: You have strong storytelling chops, a keen creative vision and an entreprenurial spirit. You have the initiative, curiosity, and passion for making the never-been-tried opportunity become reality and are comfortable doing so both on and off-line. The challenge of defining an emerging brand’s strategy and aesthetic and really…

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Want to Be a Great Leader? Become a Great Identifier


By Jeff Haden Once upon a time I was a member of the most productive crew in the department, which meant we were considered to be the best crew, because numbers were everything. But we didn’t need a Jobs or Bezos or Sandberg or (pick your personal epitome of effective leadership) to get us there. Steve was our Bobby Hurley (yep,…

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How to Share Your Brilliant Ideas at Work (Without Coming Off Like a Know-it-all)


By Sara McCord Knowing exactly what you’re doing at work is a great feeling. You’re confident, full of ideas, and ready to tackle anything. Except—lately, you’ve noticed your co-workers seem to be avoiding you. They’re not extending invitations for group projects and you’re pretty sure you caught them rolling their eyes when you speak. What gives? The…

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Job of the Week! – April 4th


Harder better faster stronger PM   YOU: You are a proactive, problem solver whose ability to anticipate and adapt methods is second nature. You love to collaborate and have a solid POV which you’re eager to share. You keep a cool head in a high-pressure situation which is why you’re the teams MVP.   THEM:Rapidly growing New York-based startup looking…

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10 Magic Words That Can Get You a Higher Salary


By Lily Zhang Negotiating is intimidating. Talking about money is awkward enough as it is, but add on the element of asking for more money, and it just gets extremely uncomfortable. One aspect of negotiating a job offer that seems to make people squirm is the fact that it’s not really a give and take. The idea…

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4 Completely Inoffensive Ways to Say “No” at Work (Because “Yes” Isn’t Always an Option)


By Sara McCord   Sometimes saying “yes” at work is the way to go. Yes to that new project, yes to more responsibility, and yes to that promotion you’ve been eyeing. But other times, you need to decline. No, you’re too busy, no you’re not interested, or no, you don’t want to work until all hours of…

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Job of the Week! – March 28th


Best-in-show Digital Producer   YOU: You are a proactive, problem solver whose ability to anticipate and adapt methods is second nature. You love to collaborate and have a solid POV which you’re eager to share. You keep a cool head in a high pressure situation which is why you’re the teams MVP.   THEM:Rapidly growing New…

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Here’s How You Answer the Illegal “What’s Your Current Salary” Question


By Stav Ziv   What is your current salary? Whenever that question comes up during a job search, you’re stuck wondering if you should answer honestly (which could result in an offer that’s lower than you want), lie (which feels shady and could easily backfire), or perform some interview gymnastics to get out of sharing…

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How to Be a Hardworking Employee Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life


By Abby Wolfe Let’s be real for a second. These days, many of us live in a world of excess, where more is definitely better. We heap our plates full with seconds when we’re already full, overstuff a drawer with t-shirts we’ll never wear again, and ensure that we own at least 20 mugs. (I know, I…

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