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So You’re Finally Ready for that Promotion?


You’ve most likely been at your job for X amount of years and have accomplished so many things that you think you’re ready for the next big step. Yet there’s always a bit of hesitation when thinking about how to pop the big question: “Can I have a promotion?”   The real question though should…

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Job of the Week! – June 27th


Organizational Mastermind to drive progress   YOU:  You are a detail-oriented master-problem solver who can harness the team to make a big impact. In this role, you will be at the center of making the national marketing team more effective and efficient by overseeing traffic management, reporting and analytics on the team’s productivity. You will inspire the team…

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She Says Boom


She Says Boom was a career-accelerator event that our very own Dana Siomkos had the pleasure of dropping major keys in an intimate and perspective-changing Interviewing Skills workshop. If you’re like me you’d be thinking “What can I possibly get from a workshop on interviewing? I’ve been on tons of interviews!” Have you ever been…

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Job of the Week! – June 20th


Skillful and Approachable Leader   YOU: Poised and polished leader with a mind for business. You are a process-minded master who can easily organize a team and build out infrastructure.  With your whistle-while-you-work mindest, you infuse warmth and welcome for the team at large, to gain their advocacy and support.   THEM:  A brand consultancy with design in…

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How to trick your brain into not getting bored


By Stephanie Vozza You may have loved your job when you started, but it’s not unusual to get in a rut. If you’re experiencing burnout, changing your mindset can bypass it, says Daniel M. Cable, author of Alive at Work: The Neuroscience of Helping Your People Love What They Do. “Our brains are not wired for…

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Job of the Week! – June 13th


People-obsessed, diplomatic dot-connector   YOU: First and foremost, you are a lover of people. Always have been, always will be. Whether it’s food, music or work, your mind is always spinning with recommendations, introductions and connections that just HAVE to be made! You are an excellent listener who takes time and interest in what people are…

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Here’s What To Do If Someone Yells At You At Work


Apologies have abounded from several male cast members of Arrested Development after The New York Times published a “notably raw” interview with actors from the show ahead of the show’s fifth season. When Jeffrey Tambor is asked about a time he “lashed out” at costar Jessica Walter, every man in the room immediately jumps to his defense, as if a bat signal had…

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Why Lying on a Bed of Nails Might Actually Be a Great Way to Start Your Day


By Kevin J. Ryan   Wheaties. Coffee. A workout and a shower. Such morning rituals may work for many. Others require something far more specific or idiosyncratic–like these five entrepreneurs. Eric Casaburi, Founder and CEO of Retro Fitness “I lie down on a bed of nails. Getting physically uncomfortable helps me make better decisions when I’m under stress. I’m constantly challenging…

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Job of the Week! – June 6th


Procative, methodical, chiller than most YOU: You love and respect beautiful creative work and are passionate about the process of bringing creative ideas to life. Ever proactive, you are constantly finding solutions for problems before they even materialize. Your preparedness and flexibility make you not only effective, but cool-headed throughout the process.   THEM: They are a…

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The Realistic Way to Bounce Back When You’re Passed Over for a Promotion


By Rachel Bitte Being passed over for a promotion that you really wanted stings. Your first reaction may be to hit the job boards and start shooting your resume over to friends, hatching a plan to get out of there as soon as you can. But just because you suffered this (major) setback doesn’t mean you need…

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