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The Reason Why Smart People Always Ask “Why?” at Work


You’ve probably heard that asking thoughtful questions is the smart thing to do when the opportunity arises. Maybe you believe (and rightly so) that when you pose a question following a colleague’s presentation or at the end of a team meeting, you’re demonstrating a certain presence and awareness. You weren’t checked out—you have something to…

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Want a Mentor? Here Are 5 Keys to Choosing and Approaching the Right One


By Scott Mautz   Bill Gates has his Warren Buffett. Luke Skywalker has his Yoda. Kanye West has his, uh, Kanye West. You’ve read or heard much on the power and importance of mentors. But how do you find the right one for you? And how do you get past that intimidating, even scary step of…

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Job of the Week! – May 24th


Digital Whiz + Biz Dev Powerhouse   YOU: You are a winsome Business Development Director with extensive digital product experience and the charisma and experience to identify and establish strategic relationships with clients.   THEM: A Brooklyn-based ‘agency’ that focuses solely on user-centered websites and platforms. If you’re into Flash and/or advertising campaigns, you’ve come to the…

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Is It Normal to Have to Send a Hiring Manager (Lots of) Reminders?


The job search process can be confusing. It can feel like you need to consult a psychic, or at the very least, every single friend who’ll listen to you. You want to know if what you’re experiencing is normal or if you’re on your way to getting burned. One common, hard-to-understand scenario is feeling like…

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Research: The More Essential Your Job Is to Your Company, the Happier You’ll Be


Say you’re a lawyer, and you’re evaluating competing job offers — one from a law firm, and the other for a general counsel role in a tech company. Which one should you take? This is a complicated question, and one that professionals face all the time. If you’re a marketer, you have to decide whether you’d…

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Job of the Week! – May 17th


Masterful, avid UX Designer   YOU: You are an experienced UX designer with a deep curiosity about human behavior and the effects of design on usability. Your diverse portfolio is a testament to your ability to conceptualize, curate, and craft compelling strategy-driven interactions. You also possess deep understanding of  best practices and are able to both…

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10 Minutes of This Activity Beats a Cup of Coffee for Energy, Science Says


By Jessica Stillman It’s 3pm and your eyes are drooping and productivity cratering. What do you do? For some a cup of coffee is the obvious solution, but experts warn that caffeine later in the day can lead to sleep difficulties. You could try chocolate for a quick jolt, but as we all know there some…

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Fact: No One Is Too Old to Go on Informational Interviews


Informational interviews are for newbies, neophytes, and recent grads, right? Right, but also wrong. Certainly, they can be invaluable intel-gathering tools for those early on in their careers. But why on this earth would you think you’re “too old” to book a similar session in year five, 12, or 15 of your career? Often, people…

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Job of the Week! – May 10th


Smart-as-heck Engagement Director to lead and inspire   YOU: You are a well-seasoned innovation practitioner with diverse experience across a wide range of categories. You can think both strategically and creatively and your passion is contagious. You are a lateral thinker, adept at uncovering the insights and themes that can spark innovation, and passionate about using those…

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4 Things Truly Confident People Never Do at Work


Imagine that two people are pitching their visions for an upcoming project. While their ideas are equally interesting, one person seems confident, while the other comes off as nervous and unsure. Who are you going to choose to run point? I’m guessing you’d pick the person who exuded confidence. And that’s exactly why you work…

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