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3 Scientific Ways to Recover From a Setback


To paraphrase Mark Twain, good judgement comes from experience, but experience comes from bad judgment. Mistakes enable growth. Setbacks are a given, but that you will handle them well is not. Do you let the problem paralyze you, or do you use it as learning experience? There are coping mechanisms and mental approaches that are…

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3 Effective Ways to Create Boundaries at Work Without Being Rude


By Stacey Lastoe   Ever feel stretched too thin? Like everyone wants a piece of your time, and because you want to be a team player, you find yourself saying yes, embracing the conversation, accepting the email intro, attending the meeting, and chiming into the discussion. It’s a tough spot to be in, but if…

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Job of the Week ! – September 20th


Conceptual, Go-Get-‘Em Visual Designer   YOU: You are a talented designer and conceptual thinker. You see the digital-scape as a canvas to help expand the reach of an organization’s identity. Branded elements are your jam, because you value creating an immersive and stunning experience.   THEM: They are a Brooklyn-based creative agency that supports nonprofits by creating tailored and impactful websites that help those organizations…

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3 Ways to Recharge When You Can’t Just “Take a Vacation”


By Kat Boogaard   You’re burnt out. Every day you sit down at your desk with an overwhelming sense of dread and exhaustion. You’re barely treading water, and you just can’t shake the feeling that the monotony and stress is about to swallow you whole. “You need a vacation!” people tell you, as if you didn’t already…

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10 Little Things That’ll Have a Big Impact on Your Career


By Richard Moy   When you think of the phrase “career-changing impact,” your first thought is that serious projects lead to serious results. And sure, some people can brag of big wins like working overtime for three months and then scoring a competitive promotion. But it’s just as important to remember that to accomplish anything,…

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Job of the Week! – Sep 13th


Copy & Strat Hybrid with Style   YOU: You are an Associate Creative Director whose recipe is 1/3 strat, 1/3 CD, 1/3 writer. You have a way with words, and you fully embody the philosophy that language is the THING that makes strategy inspiring to creatives.   THEM: They are a digitally led integrated advertising agency that…

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The Checklist You Need to Run Through Right After Your Interview


By Richard Moy   I get excited every time I find out that a friend just left an interview feeling good about their chances of landing the gig. Because of my recruiting background, one of the first questions I get asked is, “What do I do next?” And the more I’ve been asked about it,…

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4 Ways to Interrupt Someone (Politely)


By Kat Boogaard   You shouldn’t interrupt. Yes, from an early age, you’re reminded that cutting people off when they’re speaking is rude. But, let’s face it—there are times when you need to stop someone mid-sentence. Maybe he keeps citing an incorrect fact or statistic that you think needs to be remedied immediately. Or, perhaps you have a…

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Job of the Week! – Sep 6th


Master Organizer and Inspirational Sage   YOU: You’re an excellent communicator and proactive, big-picture thinker. With a mind like an iron trap for attention to detail, you ensure that nothing goes unchecked and everything is running smoothly and efficiently. You have a keen understanding of and advocate for creative excellence. Your astute observations and ability to…

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4 Questions to Ask Your First Week to Make Your Co-workers Love You


By Kat Boogaard   Starting a new job can feel a lot like your first day of high school. Sure, you have those more adult concerns of wanting to prove your worth and demonstrate that you’ll be able to excel in that new position. But, more often than not, your biggest worry is this: Will everybody like…

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