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Job of the Week! – June 21st


 Master Organizer and Inspirational Sage   YOU: You’re an excellent communicator and proactive, big-picture thinker. With a mind like an iron trap for attention to detail, you ensure that nothing goes unchecked and everything is running smoothly and efficiently. You have a keen understanding of and advocate for creative excellence. Your astute observations and ability…

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How To Turn Down A Job Without Burning A Bridge


By Judith Ohikuare Looking for a job is a job in and of itself. You have to search for the right gig, update your résumé, write some cover letters, and then go on interviews — all without any guarantees. So when you get that coveted offer, it seems inevitable that you’ll accept. But how do…

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CV Vs. Resume—Here Are the Differences


By Stacey Lastoe “Um, what is a CV?” is a question job seekers often find themselves asking. Approach 10 professionals, and odds are high only one or two can tell you the real answer. Good news, you’re about to be one of those few people who know not just what the letters stand for, but…

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Job of the Week! – June 14th


Visionary CD to lead and inspire   YOU: You are more than a Creative Director. You are a master problem solver with strong design chops and a powerful POV. You have a crystal clear vision of story and the execution that will bring it to fruition.   THEM: They are a young but top-of-the game digital…

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Read THIS Before Talking To Your Boss About $$


By Rachel Selvin It took me 27 years to realize that asking for a raise wouldn’t read as a lack of gratitude that could put my job in peril. Like most millennials, I’ve built a relationship with money that’s painfully influenced by 2008’s Financial Crisis — a world of free-falling markets where steady corporate careers, the…

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4 ways to be less frustrated at work


By George Dickson Most of us spend a lot of our time at work. For the average person in the United States, time spent at work eclipses every other activity, totaling more than even sleeping and eating combined, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This isn’t a phenomenon unique to the U.S.—research by the Organization…

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Job of the Week! – June 7th


Visionary CD to Engage and Influence   YOU: You are more than a Creative Director. You are a master problem solver with strong design chops and a powerful POV. You have a crystal clear vision of story and the execution that will bring it to fruition.   THEM: They are a young but top-of-the-game digital…

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Do You Really Need A Résumé Objective?


By Judith Ohikuare Write a cover letter, they said. It’ll be worth it, they promised. And don’t forget to check off certain boxes on your résumé. You don’t want to get overlooked, they warned. Well, there’s actually another component of your résumé that can be crucial, even if it’s optional. “The résumé objective is kind of…

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10 Ways to Work Less Without Losing Your Boss’ Respect


Now that summer’s pretty much here, many of us are probably daydreaming about frozen margaritas sipped on outdoor patios, beach days, long bike rides, and leaving work in time to enjoy several hours of daylight. When the clock strikes 5 ( or 2 on a Friday, anyone?), it’s natural to want to call it a…

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Job of the Week! – May 31st


Seasoned Designer with Showmanship   YOU: You are a confident and talented Sr. Designer that will advocate a strong design POV and manage brand deliverables. You’re suave and charismatic and have no problem presenting and really selling your work.   THEM: They are a creative and strategic advertising agency that develops business solutions. This consultancy combines…

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