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3 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Bad Day (That’ll Make You Feel Better)


By Kat Boogaard There’s no other way to say it: You’ve had an absolutely horrible day. You spilled coffee all over yourself during your commute and then showed up late to your meeting with a giant stain on your shirt. Your boss gave you a ton of not-so-great feedback on a recent project you spent weeks…

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7 Email Templates You Need When You Start a New Job


By Kat Boogaard   It’s your first week on the job, and age-old wisdom tells you that it’s important that you make a splash and hit the ground running. But, uhhh… how? What the heck are you supposed to say in order to impress these people who are all still strangers to you? Start by sending…

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Job of the Week! – May 2nd


Kick-butt (but chill AF ) Office Ninja   YOU: You are a calm and collected swiss army knife and operations ninja. You can seamlessly solve problems, manage and drive process, all while making sure the studio kitchen is stocked up on carb-y munchies. You’re a Left brain – Right Brain, whole package type who can manage…

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The Best Email to Send Your New Boss Before Your Job Starts


By Stav Ziv   The ink is dry on your contract—or, let’s be real, you hit the submit button on that electronic signature, which just isn’t quite as satisfying. Either way, it’s party time! Go on now, celebrate getting and accepting that offer. Treat yourself to drinks with your friends, dinner out with the family,…

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5 Better Ways to Talk About the 5 Most Common Resume Gaps


By Sjoerd Gehring So, you’ve got a gap in your resume? Maybe you decided to travel, or go back to school, or maybe you looked after a sick relative, or you took time out to be a parent yourself. Whatever the reason, you’re probably feeling like your job hunt is going to be that much harder.…

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Job of the Week! – April 25th


People-centric, content creation Guru YOU: You are a proactive problem-solver with a love for creative work and making things happen. You have a passion to learn, a love for creation and a ger-‘er-done spirit. You’re the MVP in taking a pitch project from concept to a living activation. You GO Glenn Coco! THEM: They are a young but…

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Here’s When It’s A (Really) Bad Idea to Call Yourself a Consultant on LinkedIn


By J.T. O’Donnell   Even though we have an extremely low unemployment rate in the U.S. right now, there are still lots of people between jobs. Layoffs and restructurings happen every day. And, many say a market correction is on the horizon that will send the unemployment rate back up a bit. For those actively seeking a new…

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7 Questions to Help Set More Effective Team Goals


In a previous post, we encouraged leaders to focus on closing the “Saying-Doing Gap.” In nearly 30 years of working with leaders of top organizations, what we have found is that it’s typically not the saying that is the big challenge, it’s the doing. With the pace and complexity of business today, it can be…

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Job of the Week! – April 18th


Harder better faster stronger PM YOU: You are a proactive, problem solver whose ability to anticipate and adapt methods is second nature. You love to collaborate and have a solid POV which you’re eager to share. You keep a cool head in a high-pressure situation which is why you’re the teams MVP. THEM:Rapidly growing New York-based startup looking to expand…

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3 Small Changes That’ll Make You Sound Like a More Confident Leader


By Julie Bonner Regardless of your role, having great communication skills only improves your ability to lead. It helps you better motivate your team, create a culture of open and honest feedback, and keep people organized and on the right track. As someone who works in public relations (and loves language), I spend a significant amount of…

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